Bling Brush

Erase beauty buildup from jewelry with the Bling Brush®. No stone is too small to shine, but lotion, hairspray and makeup dull jewelry over time. Our natural jewelry cleaner is safe on all jewelry from fine gemstones to fashion jewelry and the portable brush can be used at home or on-the-go. 

Intended to clean stones, not tarnished metals. Exclusive, ammonia free formula. Purse friendly and TSA approved. Will last up to 100 uses depending on the size of the jewelry.

Top Reasons Ladies Love the Bling Brush.

Portability: The Bling Brush fits in your purse so you can use it on-the-go. You will see instant shine without rinsing with water, which is nice for all those moments you are in the car or at your desk and realize your ring is covered in lotion and hair spray. If you do rinse with water, your jewelry gets even more brilliant because the grime washes out from underneath the stone(s).

    Longevity: One Bling Brush will last up to 100 uses depending on the size of the jewelry you’re cleaning. To clarify, we are saying you don’t have to buy yourself a Bling Brush often. However, you will still be buying it all the time because it’s a great gift for your girlfriends.

      Empowering: A portion of profits go toward helping at-risk girls ages 6-18. This is done through a partnership with Rae’s Hope, which you can learn more about here. Additionally, the company is 100% woman owned and focuses on working with other woman and minority owned businesses.

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